Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Updated Chirripo Packing List

I just got back from Chirripo National Park, and every time I go back, it seems all the more beautiful. For those of us who do not rely on porters, packing adequately (with the necessary supplies and in a compact and light fashion) is key to a successful and enjoyable, not miserable trip. I have updated the packing list.
Additionally I like to reinstate that the park should not be attempted in rainy season, the ascent and descent are simply too muddy and not enjoyable. Also, allow to me point out that your gear, clothes and especially your shoes, should be in decent condition, since you don’t want anything to potentially breakdown or fail up there.Here is my updated packing list for Chirripo:

·         55 L backpack with waist belt and camelback capacity (and water bag of course), loaded this will hopefully weigh less than 12 kg (be sure it’s not huge, it will be heavy, bulky and uncomfortable)- a Nalgene 16 oz wide mouth is good instead of a water bag
·         Backpack rain cover
·         Rain poncho or rain jacket
·         Hiking boots or breathable synthetic trail running shoes
·         trekking poles
·         camera
·         compact stove, gas canister and lighter
·         2 pairs of light fabric zip off cargo pants (Columbia for example)
·         3 lightweight wool trail running socks
·         3 pairs of breathable synthetic t -shirt
·         Capilene long sleeve shirt
·         1 fleece sweater
·         Non bulky light jacket
·         Beanie
·         hat, even a baseball cap will do
·         1 pair of long thermal undies for sleeping
·         Weatherproof  insulated jacket
·         Gloves
·         4 or 5 freezer zip lock bags (for camera, or anything, there always handy)
·         Sunglasses with straps
·         LED headlamp with fresh batteries
·         Sleeping bag
·         Crocs or slippers to relax in base camp after hiking
·         Pillow bag (stuff it with your clothes for sleeping)
·         Bandana
·         Pack towel
·         Sunscreen
·         Lip balm
·         Bug spray
·         Compact Multi tool (gerber, swiss army, etc)
·         Reading material, should be light and compact, maybe even photocopies
·         A compact and light board game or deck of cards, so that you can have fun at night too
·         a little duct tape
·         a few zip ties for shoe repair and other things
·         Your toiletries (be as compact as possible)
·          Compact first aid kit including: ace bandages, latex gloves, moleskin, band aids, adhesive tape, gauze pads, tweezers, sanitary tampons and pads, Neosporin Cofal compact CPR mask, emergency blanket, scissors, samsplint, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, bicarb sode (Sal Andrews),Imodium, glucose tablets, Neosporin, Aleve (or Naproxen), Tums, electrolyte powder , ( please note that some of the above medication are known for adverse effects), additionally,  please be sure to have at least one person with updated first aid training), extra zip lock bags
·         Any special medication you might need such as salbutamol, epipen, insulin, etc
PLEASE NOTE: There is no food, or really anything of sale in the park, you need to bring your own food, be sure to bring and drink powdered Gatorade (or another electrolyte) since dehydration is a serious concern, I recommend you pack pasta, grains (rice and oatmeal for example), vacuum packs cold cuts or fish, dehydrated fruits are  ideal. Whatever you bring it need to be compact, as light as possible and crushproof.
You don’t need: your swimsuit, water (other than a filed 16 oz. water bottle and the start, there are several good opportunities to refill), any chargers, cell phones, laptops, pot and pans, silverware, any formal clothes, blankets, sleeping pads, pillows, jeans, binoculars, books, passport (a copy will be fine), extra shoes.